Roon Brand Identity

Brand Identity, typography, illustration
Roon is a health Tech company for people navigating complex health conditions. As individuals try to manage medical information and understand their conditions, many typically turn to Google or WebMD — neither of which does much to verify or provide the latest information. But Roon plans to change this with a medical education platform for vetted information, sourced strictly from doctors, patients, and caregivers. By curating the data it makes available around individual conditions, Roon is meant to reassure patients and caregivers that it’s accurate and well sourced. 
We collaborated with the Roon team to craft their brand identity. The word "Roon" is derived from the Arabic word "Noor", that refers to the "Divine light of the night". This insight perfectly reflected the character of the company and directly informed the moon-like letterforms coming together to compose a delicate & humanizing logotype that honors Roon's mission to help people shed a light on complex health conditions.


Logo Final
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