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We were approached by Desert Storm to create and develop the visual language for hip-hop artist Falease.

Raised by his Japanese grandmother in Toledo, Ohio,  Falease comes from a very distinct heritage. He grew up loving music and started rapping at an early age. Inspired by his upbringing, we designed a custom typeface that we paired with visceral and personal photography of Toledo and New York, where Falease is currently based.
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Falease ForWebstie11
Falease ForWebstie
Falease ForWebstie2
Toledo Gino
Falease ForWebstie3
Falease ForWebstie4
Falease ForWebstie5
CocaCola v2
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Falease ForWebstie7
Falease ForWebstie8
Grandma v2
Falease ForWebstie9
Flowers Colder v2
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