Elevating Next Generation Hype Culture Around the World

Brand Identity, Website

House of Hype is a 100,000 square foot immersive theme park located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The HOH experience consists of beautiful odd worlds filled with places to explore, discover, play games, shop exclusive products, and win prizes.

Sunday Afternoon partnered with the experience firm HyperSpace to create a visual identity, powered by youth culture, that can traverse the URL to IRL. A dynamic wordmark and logo that can shift and change with culture anchor this system and house the diverse range of content within the park. In addition, bespoke environmental graphics and a robust website experience make House of Hype unique inside and out.

All Experience Design and Park images courtesy of Hyperspace

01 marquee
02 billboard rich0.75x
03 red woman
05 logo mortise B
06 eyes
07 triptych
08a wild fun
08b broom
10 posters
11a sharkie
11b hypercade
12 cereal
13a wristbands
13b screen v2
16 social
17a necklace update
17b mirrors
18 blue room
20a hat
20b totebag
21 marquee