Daydream Brand Identity

Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Illustration, website

Daydream is a new kind of software development company with a focus on developing a talent driven culture that favors human connection, intentional/deep work and motivation through curiosity over fear. While at Daydream, one is encouraged and empowered to nurture their curiosity, start their own projects and even their own company. CEO Thenuka Karunaratne tasked the Sunday Afternoon team with developing the strategy, naming, brand identity and website for the company. 

We designed a custom logotype based on a script representing flow and connection. We then pulled the thread and created a dynamic whimsical design system reflecting on what an actual Daydream feels like, where time stretches and sometimes feels like it's suspended, making space to house anything seemingly possible. Sunday Afternoon illustrator Peter Phobia then created line drawing illustrations living inside the logotype and representing the culture of the Daydream organization. The resulting whimsical and flexible identity system allows the word mark to constantly evolve and grow alongside Daydream by constantly reflecting their newest organizational pillars, trends and latest products.

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