Burnt Identity

Strategy, Brand Identity, Campaign
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BURNT is on a mission to advance society’s financial and creative freedom by redefining the means of Art ownership. BURNT was born out of the vision of its founder when he purchased a BANKSY piece of art for $90,000 that he then set on fire and burnt live on camera. He recorded the stunt and made the video an NFT collectible that went on to sell for $380,000.

BURNT needed a solid and trusting strategic foundation for a technology that is not yet entirely understood by the mainstream.

We built a Brand Identity rooted in old black letter as a symbol of trust that pays homage to the visionary pioneer spirit of the Brand. The word mark is based on the typeface Respira Black by Sharp Type. We then created a custom flame icon called "BLAZE" that seamlessly integrates within the letterforms and will allow the brand to scale their line of products while maintaining brand integrity.

As fire naturally burns and inevitably makes way for the new, the BURNT brand identity honors the past while clearing the way for a fairer and more distributed future where creators can truly own a share of their artwork.

02 Burnt Logo
04 B Blaise
05 BURNT type showcase
06 BURNT flame blk animation
07 BURNT Billboard Mock
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