How We Spend Our Days

Responsiveness. Comfort. Support. Just a few of the elements that we ground ourselves in, and that make The Felix Runner so remarkable.

Finding racing shoes shouldn’t have been a struggle for Olympic champion Allyson Felix. She had already won 32 career medals and helped usher in game changing pay guarantees and pregnancy protections. But inequality knows no bounds, and she still saw disparities in a footwear industry that didn’t bother to consider bodies that weren’t male.So she teamed up with her brother, Wes, and together they built Saysh, a collection of stylish, functional sneakers designed for everyday performance. 

Director Eva Zar and the Sunday Afternoon team created films and photography about the The Felix Runner to continue to tell the story about how we spend our days striving to achieve our goals.

Running with one of the world's fastest was a dream come true.