Valheria Rocha

Valheria Rocha is a Colombian artist creating vibrant art through whatever medium possible. Be it photography, collage art, film, directing, writing, or even building her own sets and props, she creates worlds full of color and feeling. Her art is a visual representation of youth culture today: colorful, unapologetic, and magnetic.

Such a big part of Valheria’s work is immersing the viewer into the mini worlds she dreams up. Being an all around creative person helps her fulfill her vision through the multiple mediums required to bring a project to life. From set design to lighting, styling and makeup, building props and creating content that ranges from video to collage, Valheria has a vision and an idea for every detail. Everything is intentional, and no detail is too small.


Her clients include Taylor Swift, Apple TV+, A24, Amazon Prime Studios, Netflix, Instagram, and more.